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Welcome to GNA!

Genesis North America, LLC offers more than IT products, we have a robust network of partners with innovative solutions to deliver to our customers, structuring and customizing services in the field of wholesale distribution, import and export.

GNA has been in the market since 2017, we have partners in Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, The United States, Paraguay and Uruguay.

We work directly with our customers and partners aiming to find the ideal solutions for your business. We are always ready to face the challenges to drive the innovation needed to ensure that your business thrives in today’s World.

You can rely on our services of structuring international contracts and opportunities. We specialize in developing business plans and market studies in the most varied areas of activity. We guarantee success as well as savings in the operations where we are involved in; always focused on high quality and results.

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Our Philosophy

Value Proposition

Generate value for our customers, employees and shareholders through our services


In the right environment, talented and determined people create amazing things.

Collaboration is the only way to fulfill our purpose.

Because we’re agile and mastering technology, we’re one step ahead of the competition.

We build trust, tirelessly doing what we say.


Passion for reaching new frontiers.

Passion for having a greater goal, leading our brand, excelling in our work.


Become a world-renowned company through our services, efforts and determination.



Our focus is to provide professional, economic and transparent consulting services in the wholesaler segment for the distribution of consumer goods in the B2B model.

Genesis North America, LLC with all its expertise, provides services to companies throughout the import and export process.

We have a specialized team that can help in all content on laws and regulations in a foreign country.

Thinking of internationalizing your product? We help manufacturers find buyers abroad and provide them with all relevant market information.

Types of Services Provided:

  • Active on-site consulting
  • Professional business plans
  • International negotiation of product purchasing or sale
  • Freight negotiation
  • Structuring of companies
  • Assistance in the development of new markets

Count on us to increase your business opportunities as well as optimize your process.

Welcome to GNA!


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