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About us

A new company, with a new concept: Genesis North America, LLC.

When we graduated from college we started working in the wholesale distribution, import and export business related to Asian and South American markets.

We noticed that most of the techniques were old fashioned and what companies claimed to do best, customer service, was always a nightmare.

We needed changes, innovations, ideas and concepts. That’s why we created GNA. Biblically speaking Genesis means the beginning and literally speaking that’s the beginning of a new era of outstanding professional services we will provide you.

Our main goal is to take GNA to a whole new level always making what’s best for our customers . That may sound cliché for now but let our hard work and attitudes prove to the market who we are and why we came to stay.

You can count on us, our services and our team like our partners in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, China and the US already do.

We got your back!

Welcome to life, GNA!!!